Try Nutrisystem, Transform Your Health and Productivity – Like We Did at Yates Dairy!

Hello, my name is Erin Calstor, and I am here to talk about how making Nutrisystem a part of our company has been one of the best decisions we made in the business. I’m the senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Yates Dairy, which teamed up with Nutrisystem some seven months ago. Since then, we have observed numerous positive effects on our workers and the company as a whole. Nutrisystem has been wonderful to work with, owing in a large part too to the Nutrisystem promo codes. Let me begin with how Nutrisystem has helped us at Yates.

Yates is a company that has its roots all the way back in the year 1974. When we first started, forty-two years ago, it was with a small manufacturing space and local grocery sales. Today, business has expanded far enough that we’ve garnered over five hundred employees, and sell our products across the country. About two-thirds of these employees work at our site, and the rest at our offices. We employ people in all sorts of roles, from Laboratory Technician, to Plant Manager, to Accountant and IT and Marketing, and so on.

It is difficult to be on top of everybody’s performance and wellbeing when there are so many people involved, all doing their own thing. But the executive board here at Yates had been looking for something that could help all our employees do better for themselves and the company. We thought perhaps the scheduling and time constraints meant that employees were eating unhealthily, and impacting their health and performance as a consequence. When somebody at one of our meetings suggested we try Nutrisystem after having read about it, we were skeptical. But then we thought why not, and made that call to Nutrisystem.

“Nutrisystem Nutrition Promise”

The number one reason why Yates believed in Nutrisystem was because of its nutrition promise. In that first phone call to Nutrisystem, they explained how balanced the nutrition in their diets are. All meals in the program are guaranteed to be high in fiber, high in protein and with zero trans fat. Also, a number of low glycemic carb diets are included to regulate blood sugar index. Nutrisystem also guarantees that their diets contain no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Most of their foodstuffs are said to be preservative-free, which is also a sign of healthy food. All at affordable prices through Nutrisystem promo codes.

Taking all of these benefits in mind, we decided to introduce Nutrisystem to our office. Of course we partnered with Nutrisystem, and told all our office employees about it. Everyone was pretty excited to hear about the program, especially because we were also giving out Nutrisystem coupons to all the employees who are interested in order to make the program affordable for all.

How everyone reacted to Nutrisystem

At first, all of us thought that Nutrisystem would last only for a month or two. We predicted that after that, our employees would go back to their unhealthy eating. But this wasn’t the case. We were very shocked to see that our speculation was extremely incorrect. Every month, the number of employees following the program increased. Some employees started so that they could start eating healthy like the others, while some started because the Nutrisystem discount codes were clearly saving a lot of money. Whatever the reason it was, employees at Yates, who tried the program, weren’t at all looking forward to quitting it.

Stressing on how everyone at Yates could afford it

We offered two options at Yates- one for those who’d like to follow the entire Nutrisystem diet plan and the other for those who’d like to follow only the “Lunch and Snacks” option. People who opted for the entire program had to spend approximately $9-$10 per day with the help of their coupon codes.  The ones who opted for the latter had to spend only about $3-$5 per day. This was way lesser than the amount of expenditure each individual separates for his food.

Another reason why I believe that people kept hanging to the program was because Nutrisystem allows a great variety of healthy food to their customers. Along with being extremely nutritious and proportioned, Nutrisystem makes sure that their food does not bore the customers. Their menus include food that we eat at fast food restaurants. Most of us tried to stop noticing their meals aren’t as tasty as fast foods. To keep continuing with Nutrisystem, we only looked at the positive side… How Nutrisystem was making our lifestyles so much healthier!

According to a Yates survey, I have prepared a list of the pros and cons of Nutrisystem:


  • Balanced, nutritious food
  • Anyone can afford it…
  • Contributed in healthier body, healthier mind


  • Microwaving the meals
  • Not as tasty as fast food
  • No meals for people who are allergic to soy, peanuts and latex

As I mentioned earlier, every month we found an increased number of employees wanting to try the program out. Today, it is seven months since Yates partnered with Nutrisystem. It is great to see that almost all of our office staffs and many of our site staffs eat Nutrisystem meals every day. Some follow the entire program while some still follow the “Lunch and Snacks” pack.

The best part was that none of the employees had to spend time searching promotions in newspapers and on the internet. There were plenty of deals in the office itself and everyone at Yates could happily afford the program, living a healthier lifestyle, and by being a great influence to others too. With Nutrisystem beside us, we have been able to make a better working environment at Yates. Most of our employees now work at their fullest potential. Also, absenteeism at Yates had never been this low. Thanks to Nutrisystem, now our employees look forward to performing better at the job everyday!

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